• General Practitioners
    General Practitioners

    Provision of primary care, preventive and curative. The health care professional makes a comprehensive assessment of the state of health of the patient who uses this skill in two situations, routine or urgent.

    The periodic monitoring allows for early detection of risk factors that may trigger health situations potentially severe.

    Fever, sore throat or urinary tract infection, are examples of emergency situations in which the diagnosis and therapy of treatment are made in consultation with general practitioners.

    Clinical Staff

    Dr.Mario Rui Walls - General Practitioner
    Dr. Gabriel Silva- General Practitioner
    Dr. Regina Mota - General Practitioner

  • Cardiology

    The heart assumes a role of high importance in human body, being responsible for pumping blood to the rest of the body keeping the remaining components in operation. In cardiology is the diagnosis and treatment of various pathologies of the heart, malformations or acquired.

    The Cardiology Clinic is supported by the following diagnostic tests are not invasive:

    - An electrocardiogram (ECG)

    - Echocardiography

    - Holter Monitoring

     Can be performed in the Clínica do Cértoma .


    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Carlos Andrade - Cardiologist

  • Orthopedics

    Science that is dedicated to the treatment of diseases of the locomotive system, namely, bones, muscles and joints. 

    Sports Medicine

    Centered on the protection of the health of the athlete, the  sports medicine seeks to promote the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in case of injury. Through a multidisciplinary follow-up, all work is carried out taking into account the maximization of the performance of each athlete.

    The Clínica do Cértoma offers to all athletes the conditions essential to the completion of exams for evaluation Médico-Desportiva, indispensable to entries in the sports federations. Any sports practitioner, arbitrator, judge and timekeeper can/must perform this type of exams in such  a way that it is calibrated to your fitness or unfitness for sports practice. The service of Sports Medicine is essential for the viability of sport a safe and healthy working simultaneously as a means of screening for diseases or other clinical situations.

    Clinical Staff

    Dr. Telmo Duck - Doctor
    Dr. Leonel Parra - Internal Medicine
    Dr. Gabriel Silva- General Practitioner

  • Internal Medicine
    Internal Medicine

    Specialty that is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and guidance of treatment non-surgical adult patients with complex diseases, acute or chronic. indicated for the diagnosis difficult and complex in the case of the origin of the disease be unclear, or when multiple components are affected.

    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Leonel Parra - Internal Medicine

  • Cirurgia Plástica e Estética
    Cirurgia Plástica e Estética
  • Urology

    The tract infections (male and female) and the genital male, are the two areas of study and clinical treatment of urology. 

     Clinical Staff:

     Dr. Saúl Almeida - Urologist

  • Ophthalmology

    Medical specialty focused on the diagnosis and treatment of problems that can affect the human eye, responsible for one of the senses more important than human being, the vision.

    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. John Figueira - Optician
    Dr. Rui Pinheiro - Optician

  • Gynecology/Obstetrics

    Specialty that encompasses two important areas in women's health. The gynecology focusing on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system, and the obstetrics that allows the monitoring of pregnant women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Filomena Coelho - Gynecology/Obstetrics

  • Dermatology

    The skin is the largest organ in the human body. The specialty of dermatology is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of diseases that affect the skin and mucous membranes.

    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Henrique Oliveira - Dermatologist

  • Neurology

    Medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of structural disorders related to the nervous system. Performing a neurological evaluation, the physician responsible identifies the neurological disease by adapting the treatment every pathology in order to treat or alleviate their symptoms.

    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. João Araújo e Sá - Neurologist

  • Psychiatry

    Focuses on the mental, emotional, and behavioral, dedicating themselves to their prevention, diagnosis and treatment. is outlined a treatment plan specific to each case, with a view to improving the quality of life and adaptation to life circumstances of each patient.

    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Agnelo Silva - Psychiatrist

  • Ent

    Ears, nose and throat are the three components of the human body in which the otolaryngology focuses, as well as in the pathologies that are associated as for example the deafness, dizziness, speech disorders, tinnitus, among others.

    In the consultation, the doctor in charge, may have recourse to an audiogram. Examination that determines the minimum intensity audible.

    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Jorge Tables - ENT Doctor

  • Endocrinology

    Endocrinology is a branch of medicine focusing on the study of the functioning of hormones in the human body. It is the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies associated with endocrine glands, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism.

    Clinical Staff: 

    Dr. Cristina Ribeiro - Endocrinologist

  • Pulmonology/Allergology

    Specialty that covers the study and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. Asthma, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis, are some of the pathologies related to the Pulmonology.

    In the area of allergology the main focus are the allergic diseases that occur when the immune system reacts to a foreign substance to the body.

    Clinical Staff: 

    Dr. Jorge Pires - Pulmonologist/Alergologista

  • Pediatrics

    The pediatrics is the medical specialty that provides assistance to children and adolescents until it reaches 18 years of age, both at the level of preventive and curative, contributing to a healthy growth and happy. Instilling, from early on, good health habits.

    Clinical Staff: 

    Dr. Lourdes Mota - Pediatrician
    Dr. Sónia Silva - Pediatrician

  • Rheumatology

    The RHEUMATOLOGY focuses on diseases that involve the locomotor system that encompasses the bones, joints, muscles and tendons. The source can be inflammatory, degenerative disease, metabolic or other than trauma.

    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Jorge Garcia - Rheumatologist

  • Angiology and Vascular Surgery
    Angiology and Vascular Surgery

    Area of medicine in which is carried out the assessment of signs and symptoms of diseases that affect the arteries, veins and lymph vessels, with a view to their medical and surgical treatment.

    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Anabela Gonçalves

  • Hematologia
  • Gastroenterologia
  • Neurocirurgia
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