• Podiatry

    Science in the area of health, specializing in research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of changes that affect the foot and its effects on locomotor system.



    Pain in the feet

    Nails stuck

    Thickening of the nails

    Mycoses in nails or on skin




    Fingers in claw

    Plantar Fasceites

    Spur of the calcaneus

    Bunions (L.A.)

    High arch foot

    Flat Foot


    Areas of intervention:

    Foot Playground

    Sports Foot

    Walk The Geriatric (Elderly)

    Diabetic Foot


    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Ana Póvoa

  • Nutrition

    The power supply is an important factor in protecting health. When unbalanced, contributes to the increase in weight and development of some diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. 

    In the consultation of nutrition is traced an individualized, tailored to the needs of each individual (children and adults); balance-if weights and measures, values to your health; it is done the complete evaluation of the patient (body composition, metabolism and food habits) and, after discovered imbalances in the body is prescribed a treatment program truly individualized and adapted to each person. 

    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Ana Rita Mira
    Dr. Jane Alegre

  • Psychology

    The reasons that, during development and before the daily challenges, can lead to problems with impact in the field staff, of relations, at school or at a professional level, there are several causing ill-being physical and psychological.

    Anxiety, lack of motivation, depression, alterations in behavior, low self esteem, phobias, difficulties of socialization and dependencies are among the most common problems that lead to the request for aid. The consultation of Clinical Psychology allows you to identify the causes, being performed an individual plan of operation in which the person is assisted in the development of strategies for dealing with the problem and, at the same time, improve the quality of life and well-being.

    In the area of education, the psychologist plays an important role in the assessment and intervention in problems at the level of learning (for example: dyslexia and dysorthographia, developmental delay, etc.), behavioral disturbances (for example: hyperactivity and attention deficit) or mental emotional (for example: anxiety of performance, decreased self-esteem).


    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Daniela Cardoso
    Dr. Helena Matthew
    Dr. Maria João Santos
    Dr. Aldara Oliveira
    Dr. Paul Chaló
    Dr. Marisa Santos
    Dr. Marisa Carvalho

  • Speech Therapy
    Speech Therapy

    Speech Therapy focuses on human communication and the problems associated with the level of understanding and production of oral and written language, as well as forms of non-verbal communication. It focuses also on prevention, assessment and treatment of swallowing at the level of the structures, muscles and its operation.

    It is addressed to all the ages being indicated for:


    In the field of language:

    Aphasia (disturbance of language resulting from neurological injury);

    Language development delay;

    Specific disorders of spoken and written language.


                    In the field of fluency/voice:

    Disturbances in the articulatory speech;

    Dysarthria (disruption of speech resulting from neurological injury);

    Apraxia (difficult to perform moves blockers are essential to speech);

    Disfluência (gagez);

    Dysphonia (impairment of vocal quality characterized by hoarseness, vocal effort, etc.)


    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. Eva Pinto

  • Acupuncture

    Branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture is a technique that uses the natural ability of the body to return to normal. 

    It is effective in the treatment of stress, anxiety, insomnia, pre and post-operative shoulders, knees, back, allergies and mitigation of the effects of radiation and chemotherapy, among other clinical situations.

    At the first consultation is carried out a comprehensive assessment of the state of health of the patient, following the schedule of the treatment plan with the definition of the number of sessions to be held.

    Clinical Staff:

    Dr. José Espírito

  • Osteopatia
  • Fisioterapia
  • Pilates Clínico
    Pilates Clínico
  • Fisioterapia ATM
    Fisioterapia ATM
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